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About Us

Sankrit Tour Zone or STZ is Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India approved Experienced Tour Operator. We are also members of Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India (ADTOI) and India Food Tourism Organisation. Our focus on our values of customer safety, care and compassionate service has earned many appreciation around the world. We started with an office in 2010 in Varanasi but today we have our offices in 5 cities of India, Nepal & Sri lanka (Varanasi, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kathmandu & Colombo). We also have a presence in Pan India, Bhutan and other countries through our partners and experts of those destinations. Our focus is not just on current business but on opportunities we can create for all future businesses by developing trust among our customers.

We have the capacity to provide services to the smallest group or handle the largest size group. We have served a group size of 3200 Pravasi Bhartiye Delegates in Kumbh on one day which included many bureaucrats from different countries. As well we have managed services for the President of India, Chief Minister's, Ministers, Governor, Judges and High end delegates. So, you can contact us for any kind of clientele on our expertise sectors.

STZ works closely with clients to help develop their business and take it to the next level. Developing good relationships is essential for future growth. We can do quick fixes and one-off projects, but our core value is that we are here for the long-term benefit of our clients. Working together to create the ideal travel experience is what we are all about. Our clients are our partners in the quest. We look forward to the journey.

About Founder & Director

Abhishek Sankrit
Managing Director, Sankrit Tour Zone Pvt Ltd
Secretary, Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India (UP Chapter)
Abhishek is history enthusiast with more than 10 years experience in tourism industry. He has got keen interest in rural India and agriculture. He has got Certificate in Food & Health from Stanford University, Certificate in Global Post-Harvest Loss Prevention from University of Illinois and Certificate in The Economics of Agro-food Value Chain from Technical University of Munich. He graduated with major in History & Political science.

Abhishek is learned investor in Indian stock market & got Certificate in Capital & Derivative market from National Stock Exchange of India. He loves traveling & traveled vastly across Asia & Europe. He love to spends his quality time with books which always attract him & relax him from busy work life.

He is a reputed tourism speaker in government & media shows around the world. He is himself expert of tourism products of Uttar Pradesh and known for creating & promoting hidden jewels. His mastery and developing unique sectors & sites in Uttar Pradesh has been always appreciated. Abhishek has been interviewed on tourism by National and international media many times.